Zwift lost profile

Today whenI log in to zwift it recognises my password, but treats me like a new user with zero experiencce and on a trial account, despite me having paid for the month only a few days ago.
It has also lost all my paymenthistory and user details.
Has anyone experienced similar issues?

You need to speak with Zwift support to get this looked at. Go through the support chatbot and eventually it will give you an option to contact support.

Any chance you have created multiple Zwift accounts, using different e-mail addresses but the same password, and are just logging in to the wrong account?

I think problem solved. I’ve changed my paypal email address a few weeks ago. Don’t recall changing my log-in email address though, but it looks like the new paypal is the one associated with the zwift profile with all the history.

Having the same issue here- did not bill my cc as it had for the last year and kicked me off after my ‘free trial’ expired.

Has your credit card expired, or been cancelled?

No I checked that - nothing with the credit card has changed

Hi @Margaret_Simon

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I checked your account and your membership should be good now. I won’t divulge any other information about this here in the forums. It looks like you’ve already reached out to us, and this issue should be resolved now. Please respond to our email sent to you earlier today if you’re still experiencing any other issues.