ZWIFT locked events not fair

Hello Zwift community,
Lately, I see events which are restricted to some users: women-only events. These events, like any event on zwift, requires server resources, which are cover by all users. Restricting access to some events means certain categories of users (in this case women) are using shared resources without paying an extra fee. This is not fair.



Dan is obviously bored in lock down and feels the need to troll to start an argument.

Maybe a better use of his time would be to read up on history and find out about centuries of discrimination and inequality…


Obviously one user requires the same server resources whether they are riding by themselves or in an event (actually the in-event rider might be using less as there are fewer other riders on the map to keep track of (especially in women-only races, I’m afraid)). The one shared resource I can think of of which extra work is required is the Zwift events team.

Yeah, seems it’s now officially silly season over here.

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honestly … do you think the “women-only even on Zwift” is appropriate/smart way how to fix any possible historical inequity ? :wink: Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with “women only” events. But just to be fair - can we have “man-only” events? :slight_smile:

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Nice. So zwift is compensating centuries of discrimination with another form of discrimination. I think all zwift users should be welcomed to all events so there is not gap between genders, age, etc… For example, if Team Italy is doing an event, Italians are the majority, but anyone can join. Locking events is not cool



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You should do a march on zwift.

Maybe you and your buddies could where penis hats you knitted yourselves

I think it’s unnecessary that men see events on the companion app that they aren’t allowed to enter. It would make it a better experience (you would scroll less, and wouldn’t click to join an event and then be told you aren’t allowed to enter it) if they were just hidden based on your profile.

To address the men only idea of events if there was an event leader that wanted that I am sure they could set one up. That being said a lot of zwifters think they are in a men’s only event based on the chat.

Pretty sure There are invite only events too.