Men in women’s races

Why are men signing up for women’s-only events?

Take, for example, the Zipp High Desert Speed Challenge: in the majority of time slots offered for this race, men have signed up for the women’s-only “B” category. Apparently, this form of cheating has been identified as a recurring issue in Zwift, so I’m wondering if anything is being done to eliminate it? I understand measures are in place to ensure that men who’ve raced in the women’s category are stripped of any prizes they may have “won”, but that’s not my main problem. For me, it’s the fact they’re even allowed to race with the women at all.

If I’m racing (I’m using the term loosely for myself here, since I’m a newbie and can sustain a hard effort for only very short intervals), I find it frustrating and discouraging to see men lined up for a women’s-only race. Can’t a script be written - some kind of code - that kicks them out of the race at the starting line? Something that screens for gender, identifies anomalies, and rejects them before the race even begins?

If you look at the companion app you will see men can’t select the B group. But some men change there gender to enter the woman’s race, don’t ask me why.

I agree there should be a check if you change your gender more then twice a month you get blocked and have to contact zwift via a support ticket.


Twice a month?!? What possible legitimate reason could there be for that?


One reason I can think of for men entering a women’s only category is the distance suits them. Take the TT event that’s happening today. The women’s B event is 48 km. The open A event is 55 and the C event is 23km. 48km may suit some guys. I’m doing the 23km event as going full tilt for 55km is too much suffering.

I was thinking if guy want to have his wife/daughter test Zwift or if it is an honest mistake.

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Wait, what? But it’s a WOMEN’s ONLY race, not a “pick your favourite distance-race”. So, as you did, if the A-distance is too far, then they can choose the C event.

My question was rather rhetorical, as I don’t believe there’s any reason that would justify a male entering an all-women’s race.


First we had weight doping, next was height doping. Now we have gender doping!!

I noticed the same thing in the makeup ride for a tour of Watopia - volcano circuit. I signed up for the B group and most of the 14 riders were men.

I noticed the same thing, Gillian. I contacted Zwift last week about it and they told me there was a known glitch in the system that was allowing men to sign up for the “B” events in Stage 2.

Happened again today with the make-up for Stage 7. Only 16 riders in the B group (women only) and most were men!

Well, I know of a few friends who share their account w/their wives. Thus, on occasion the wives will change the gender and enter a female only race. I do not see a problem with this.

Curious, how are you identifying the “men” who have lined up for a women’s only race?


How am I identifying them?

  1. I look at the list of riders signed up for a women’s only event
  2. I look through the names and pictures
  3. I notice the profile picture is that of a male
  4. When I click on the profile, it says “male”
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They ride super fast, so I don’t think they were wives using hubby’s accounts.

Hi Gillian,
I would think that there will be many Lady Zwifters out there who are capable
of whooping their other halfs butt. (Cycling I mean).
“Ride On”