Beaten by man in ladies only race

How is this allowed to happen?
How is Jim - clearly male - allowed to race in a ladies only series?

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Possible account sharing maybe, can’t see the name on Zwift power

i’m told this is apparently very common in women’s races and zwift don’t care. hopefully a staff member sees the post and helps you in this particular case though i wouldn’t count on staff for anything good happening anymore.

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Let’s tag some of the staff and find out–help them see it. @shooj @James_Zwift

This is sh*tty to see. If it’s a shared account, the least ol Jim and female account sharer should do is indicate that it’s shared if she’s going to be racing using the account. And maybe a user pic of the both of them? Or a dog or something that’s not a dude that will make everyone think he’s a dude racing in races where he’s not welcome.

The user profile says male. You can’t change the user sex without contacting Zwift Support so it doesn’t matter whether it’s a shared account or not.

The race on the 8th October is listed as having a “womens only category” on Zwiftpower with 21 finishers

The next race on the 15th October does not have the womens only tag and had 26 finishers of which 4 appear to be male.

Last week the race again does not have the womens only tag and only 2 people finished.

This week it appears to be an all male affair on Zwiftpower.

This seems to be a problem with the way the race has been set up. At the start of the month it was tagged as “womens only category” and if a race is tagged in this way then only women can sign up. Males simply cannot join those races. But since that first race at the start of the month it has not been tagged which allows anyone to enter.


Send me the event ID and I’ll look.

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Can’t DM you.

No idea where to find race ID but this is the info I have:
3:01 PM on Saturday, October 29, 2022
Zwift - Race: Wahoo Le Col Saturday Ladies Only Series 2022/23 Season - Round 1 (D) on Downtown Titans in Watopia

If you are registered to ZwiftPower, you can find the event id in the address bar something like this:

zwiftpower . com/events.php?zid=3187367

just write here the zid=123456789 so James can have a look

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This isn’t a women’s only race.

If WLC get in touch with me we can update it.

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Actually, I’ve found the next event and set it to Women’s only.