Support Women Rides are female only, but runs are mixed gender?


we can be allies too, not all men are creeps… but it only takes one to ruin the ride for everyone. :man_shrugging:


agreed but seems odd that Zwift are directly advertising these events to men with links to signup in emails which we then can’t join.

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looks like the workouts are open for everyone just like the runs, but not the group rides?

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just like when they advertise double xp to people that are already at level 60… they don’t discriminate :rofl:

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Tangent warning? Oh yes. There are so many times when I’m embarrassed to be a male. Yikes… Hence the need to support women in cycling. The crap my wife got when she was looking for a bike was maddening. Yet when I showed up, they acted totally different. It’s got to stop. And the same sales person she encountered was there but stayed in the shop area. Jerk…

In an ideal world we shouldn’t have to have these events.


Admins or leaders in the club’s can create women only run events.

Running in Zwift is not as Popular as cycling and that why you do not see only women events for running.

To be fair - there should be option for men only events if there is only women events.

Well unless I’m missing something there aren’t any running events planned.

I think I saw women international day events

Anyone that can create an event from a club can create women only runs.
Running on Zwift is not in large demand let alone women only events.
Running events are different to cycling beacuse most people run by themselves and there is little talking compare to the cycling events.

Running events are mentioned in the Zwift marketing emails and website pages.

It’s just that unless I’m missing something no running events have actually been scheduled.

At first glance it looks like these events are not searchable on ZwiftPower or Zwift Hacks ? (Or on CA ?)

Once event has taken place the result does show (and can be found under search ) on ZwiftPower.

Looks like 2 runs per day.

[ Edit : from ZwiftInsider - “There are also four special Women’s Celebration Runs on the calendar.” So looks like runs now finished which would explain why no more can be found ! Doh.]

I don’t mind supporting women by way of not worrying about not being invited. To me, supporting someone includes letting them do stuff on their own if they don’t want me there. :slight_smile:


Men only is the de facto state of most events. To avoid women, just throw a dart at the schedule :slightly_smiling_face:


:roll_eyes: Zwift has made it impossible to tell the gender of a rider/runner. In the end, why should it matter.

I don’t understand, how have Zwift made it impossible to determine gender?

yep - a load of men are discussing how best to run events to support women - maybe ask women and sit this one out lads!


Anyone can say they are any gender. Just like on any ‘social media’. Sure, ‘why lie’, but I’ll bet it happens. Like weight, height, etc too.

I hardly think that’s Zwifts issue.

I can’t think of any platform or circumstance where you have to actually prove your gender.

Zwift have tightened up on this over the years as you used to be freely able to switch gender in game.
You should also change your weight as often as you like.

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Out of curiosity, how do women-only rides actually support women?

I know IRL a number of women who would attend more group rides if they didn’t have to put up with the wrong kind of cycling bros. “Hey, you should really get a bike fit”, “If you’re looking to race, that bike isn’t the best for you”, “What sort of tire pressure are you running? Wow, it needs to be way lower, let me explain…”, “[insert sexist joke here]”. So in my experience (gotten from talking to women, to be clear–this isn’t just me saying sh*t), women-only rides seem to increase the number of women riding and the amount of riding they do, as well as connecting them with other riders in their community, in ways that regular (typically male-dominated) group rides don’t.