Women's Ride and Run Series 2021 FAQ

What is the Women’s Ride and Run Series?
Throughout the month of March, we will celebrate, connect, engage, and educate Zwift’s women’s community with the Women’s Ride and Run Series (WRRS) in an effort to raise awareness and funds for gender equality in sport.

What type of events are these and when are they?
This month-long celebration consists of women’s-only group rides, podcast discussions, a live panel dedicated to training and nutrition for women, as well as a unique virtual challenge to climb Ven-Top to earn the coveted Ven-Top route badge plus 420 XP!
These are events led by women, for women, and will be hosted by featured athletes throughout the month of March. Find all the details here.

Which routes will we ride and run during the series?
This year our group rides and runs will feature multiple courses, with a dedicated route assigned to specific days of the week.
All rides will be Category E—for all women—and will be led at a social pace (1.5–2w/kg).
Group runs will be paced roughly between 5:30–6:15min/km, or decided by the group in the start pen at the time of the event. Here are the details, broken down by each day of the week:

Bike Event Schedule:
Sundays and Mondays—Ocean Lava Cliffside (11.8 miles, 479’ elevation gain)
Tuesdays—Tempus Fugit (10.8 miles, 0’ elevation gain)
Wednesdays—Sand & Sequoias (12.6 miles, 479’ elevation gain)

Sunday, March 28—Ven-Top Challenge (20.9 km / 13.0 miles, 1534 m / 5,033’ elevation gain)

Run Event Schedule:
Sundays and Mondays—Chili Pepper (4.9 miles, 0’ elevation gain)
Wednesdays—That’s Amore (4 miles, 0’ elevation gain)

Is this a race?
These events are socially-paced rides and runs intended to encourage Zwifters to connect with the women’s community. Share Ride Ons, empower one another, and meet new friends throughout these fun group events!

Is there a new in-game kit and run top?
Yes! To showcase women’s unity, we have created a new kit and run top. Completing a WRRS event will unlock that event’s kit or run top.

Who designed the in-game kit and run tee?
No Gods No Masters (NGNM) is our official apparel partner who designed our in-game cycling kit and run tee. Women who participate in our group rides and runs can wear them all year long to show their unity.

What is No Gods No Masters?
No Gods No Masters (NGNM) is a lifestyle cycling brand dedicated to empowering women through cycling with the ambition to connect as many of us as possible around the globe. Learn more about NGNM here.

Can I purchase the in-game kit and run top to wear in real life?
Yes! The in-game kit and run top will be available for purchase in real life here, with partial proceeds being donated to the Women’s Sport Foundation.

Is there a charity component to WRRS?
Yes! Zwift is donating $25,000 to the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) to support its mission of unlocking the possibilities for every girl and woman through the power of sport.
WSF is a leading voice driving equity in sport and has positively shaped millions of lives, from youth, high school and collegiate student-athletes to pros and coaches.

Is there an in-game event requirement to unlock this donation?
The donation is already 100% unlocked, though don’t let that stop you from putting in the distance with the woman’s community.

How can I help to support the Women’s Sport Foundation?
You can make a donation of any size directly on their website.

What else is Zwift doing to progress women’s inclusion within sports?
Committed to growing cycling participation—especially amongst women, our flagship program, Zwift Academy, first launched as a women’s only initiative back in 2016.

We continue to champion women’s cycling today with community groups, group rides, campaigns, and of course races. We’ve committed to complete gender parity and, along with the ASO, delivered the first Virtual Women’s Tour de France in 2020, held on the same courses, over the same distances, and with the same broadcast coverage as the men.

Where can I find the podcast links?
You can like, subscribe, and follow our podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. iTunes
  2. Spotify
  3. Podbean
  4. Soundcloud

Can men ride/run participate in WHM events?
These rides and runs are for women only in order to give them an opportunity to come together in an unique space. The goal is to help the women of Zwift connect directly with one another and grow their community.

How can male allies support during WHM?
Male allies can support in many ways, including promoting the rides on their channels or by watching the panel and listening to the podcasts!

What is the Ven-Top challenge?
On March 28 (8am PST & 8am UTC), our apparel partner NGNM is hosting a special event to support and lead women up Zwift’s toughest climb: Ven-Top.

This GPS-accurate model of the world-famous Ventoux climb in France is by far the toughest ascent in Zwift, climbing 1,480 meters (4,857′) from the beginning to end of the timed KOM/QOM segment. Join NGNM’s peloton of group leaders who will support you on the way up. Sign up for the event here.

What should I do to prepare?
We’ve got you covered. Our Support Hub has everything you need to get ready. For basic info on getting started, check out this article. If you’re looking for more helpful tips on getting ready for event day, check out this article.

I strongly oppose the Women’s Sports Foundation’s, and by extension, Zwift’s position on the fairness of male to female transgender participation in women’s sports. It’s disingenuous to claim that there is no inherent physical advantage for these athletes and, at the same time, claim to advocate for girls and women to ‘realize their power’ in sports. We are seeing world records being broken only in the male to female trans category NOT the female to male category. We are seeing skulls fractured in MMA (Fallon Fox) and scholarships being stolen from women who would have otherwise earned them.

Studies are finding that even after years of hormone therapy, trans women athletes retain their athletic advantages. This should come as no surprise and should not be considered on par in the discussion of the varying hormone levels of cis women athletes. Hormone therapy cannot alter the physiologic changes and adaptations that occur during puberty.

I feel certain that this comment will be met by a response about fairness and equality for the trans community, but what about fairness and equality for cis-gendered women? Will my comment be deleted or will I be cancelled and thrown off this platform because I am speaking out against the mainstream opinion? Would that be fair and in line with my rights under the 1st Amendment?

This issue requires deeper discussion and evaluation and adjustment for and from all parties involved. It is a lie if left the way it is and considered ‘case closed, all is right in the world’ because it isn’t. It ISN’T fair.

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Very well said, Elizabeth. I second that.

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Hi @Elizabeth_Blake and @Jenny_T
We appreciate there are many differing opinions on this subject.

As a platform, we promote the value of One Zwift for All. We believe that sport and therefore, Zwift should be accessible to all. We consult with third party organizations and partner federations, to ensure fair access to competition for cisgender and transgender athletes alike.

It’s not inclusive if you are excluding real men. It may be more appropriate to advertise this as a beginner’s event for all. The bar is set so low, even for a “social” level. Most women I see on Zwift are way stronger than that.

But, that response doesn’t really solve anything. There can’t be fairness for all as it stands, but thank you for your time.