Calling all women! UPGed for attending men's races?

So, I was recently upgraded from Cat C to Cat B. Which is great, but I have discovered (like many others) that if I enter Cat C races/events now my results are UPGed on zwift power.

I get why Zwift Power does this, but I’m incredibly frustrated as a female rider. All races have women’s only sections, yes, but they’re usually poorly attended to the point that you miss out on the experience of racing with a group/employing race tactics. If I then enter the general cat B section, I get completely smoked because I’m competing mostly against cat B men, who I can’t keep up with.

Any other women frustrated by this? I’m not looking to cheat the system at all. It just seems unfair that our only choices are to participate in a thinly-attended women’s race or compete against men who are way out of our league.

Did you get upgraded to the men’s/mixed cat B? Because there are separate cats for women (the purple ones). You could be women’s B but men’s/mixed C, for example.

You shouldn’t be upgraded to men’s B unless you really are a men’s B.

I can’t tell, maybe? It was the 3R Innsbruckring flat race held yesterday.

So when I signed up for the event, I signed up for the cat C pen. The women’s pen had such low attendance it wasn’t worth it (I was one of two women competing). My results only show up if I click the ‘filtered’ option in zwift power.

I get you re: women’s race numbers vs the number of entrants for mixed races; that’s the exact reason why I choose mixed races as well.

However, I honestly don’t understand how your situation is any different from a male rider who gets upgraded and goes from being at the front of the pack in the lower category to being at the back in the new, higher category. You are listed as a B rider for both mixed races (the green “B” on your profile) and in women’s races (the purple “B”). You’re getting the UPG tag when you enter the C races because you’re a B rider, so you’re getting the same tag everyone else who enters a lower category than their designated ZwiftPower Cat.

I’d recommend embracing this upgrade, as it’s a reflection of you getting stronger! The more you race with the Bs, the stronger you’ll continue to become.


I guess I’m confused as to how I can be listed as equivalent to a male cat B rider? A female cat B is not the same (power and speed wise) as a man.

Male cat B is over 3.2w/kg and at least 200w.

You did 3.3w/kg and 203w.

So you’re cat B in male/mixed. It’s just that you’re at the bottom end of B, but that’s exactly the same problem that a male with the same power will have when racing in B.

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Ah ok I appreciate the clarification everyone! I hadn’t realized what why the “B”s by my name were two different colors.

I guess I just need to hustle and get faster :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:


Great race, anyway. :wink:

I need help.
I bougth a smart trainer two weeks ago. Since then I am always declassified in ZWift Power races “UPG”.
I’m the last one in “C” and I’m declassified “UPG”
I’m last in “B” and I’m disqualified “UPG”
Would my old trainer be badly calibrated?
And now?