Zwiftpower mixed category calculation - for women racing in mixed races

Hi folks - I have had a good rummage around here and in Zwiftpower’s FAQ’s but obviously my rummaging is not very good - like my racing! I can’t find how women’s cats are calculated for mixed cat racing.

I understand that a rider’s category is decided using 95% of their best 20 minute effort during a race, irregardless of length. I’m at 3.24 overall and have recently been upgraded to a B for women’s races but remain at a C for mixed racing.

So as I am already finding just the women’s races super tough as a B, does anyone know at what w/kg I will also be upgraded from a C to a B for the mixed cat?

I have the setting “Upg mixed category” as “Let Zwiftpower Decide”.

Thanks for taking the time to read/reply :- :kissing_heart:

Looking at Zwift power.

Your Average power (watts) for the best 3 races is 192watts and 3.24w/kg

Because your average watts is lower than 200w you are mixed C. Women races does not have the added raw power limit therefore the 3.24w/kg put you in B. Once you exceed the 200w average you will be B for both mixed and Woman.


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Awesome - thanks @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ - I couldn’t work out how to attach an image to my post - that all makes solid sense now - I’m ‘safe’ for a while then!! :slight_smile: