Race catagory limits no UPG or WKG?

Ive a query about a race i did this afternoon, the race in question was the british cycling womans time trial, 12.20 BST when checking the start list before the event one of the entries (the winner of the D section) was a ladies cat C, she hasnt been filtered out today even though she should have at least a UPG her 2 previous races were also well over catagory limits (also ladies events) is there a reason why this isnt being filtered ?

I have seen this before and I suspect there is a BUG in the Zwiftpower filtering. It look like it does not take woman categories into account.


it normally would take it into consideration so must be a recent bug

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got a link to the event?
wats her FTP??

it wont let me share links unfortunately

ftp on zwiftpower estimated at 150w , races are averaging 2.8-2.9 wkg

This event: https://www.zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=1962775

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yes thats the one

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