Zwift Left Controller - stuck downshifting

All working fine for a couple of months until today. Controllers are on latest firmware and pair without issue in app and companion app. As soon as they connect in app the left controller intermittently buzzes feedback. If I start a ride I see it is downshifting over and over. Button is not stuck or being pressed. All other functions are fine. If I disable steering in app it stops intermittently buzzing. I’ve restarted controllers, re-calibrated, and made sure they are fully charged, Zwift app ios version 1.62.0 (128160). Play firmware version 1.3.0. Hoping there’s a hard reset or some other local fix rather than actual hardware issue since Zwift won’t ship (play controllers or the new buttons) to me in Madeira Portugal.

Hi @Chris_Benson, welcome to Zwift forums!

I got kind of confused about which device is having the issues. Could you confirm if it’s the Zwift Click or Zwift Play? I’m asking this because taking a look at your logs server I could only see the Zwift click. I want to ensure we’re on the same page so, we can resolve this situation in the best manner possible.

If the issue is on the Zwift Play; would you please do the hard reset?

  1. Please try gently pressing and holding the big Z button for 30 seconds on the affected controllers, this should restart the unit completely.

  2. After the controller restarts, please try turning your unit on/off, and if you are still experiencing issues, please let us know.

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Thanks for the reply and advice Martha! I have the Play controllers. I did the hard reset followed by a power cycle and that did the trick. Really appreciate your help!