Zwift Left Controller Does not Light Up - Unable to pair it - MacBookAir7,2

My left controller charges, with solid green light. However it will not come on nor pair, I have held the power button light for thirty and again for sixty seconds. The right controller will pair but I can only use the button functions but not the steering functions. What should I do. Someone suggested going into the Zwift folder on my computer and find the controller folders and delete them and then let Zwift reinstall it on powering up as new controllers.

Hi @A_J_Gemperline, thanks for reporting this situation. Besides the workaround suggested, I would recommend you check your device is running the latest Zwift companion and Game version that Zwift released this week (ZC.v 3.55.1 (1653) and GV.macOS 1.62.0 (1.0.128160). Running an outdated version can cause multiple performance issues on your devices like the one reported. If you need help on how to update it please, review this article. Once you made the update try to pair the Zwift play again.

Hi @A_J_Gemperline
That might be worth a try.
Step 1: Be sure that you’ve logged out of Zwift
Step 2: On macOS use Finder to go to your Documents\Zwift folder and find the file called knowndevices.xml. This file is used to remember the sensors you’ve paired to.
Step 3: Delete that file.
Step 4: Start Zwift and pair your trainer via Bluetooth (not ANT): Power first. Resistance next. It may take 10 - 15 seconds before the Resistance signal becomes visible. This delay is normal and expected over Bluetooth. Then Cadence.
Step 5: Now pair to the Play left and right. Wait until you see the battery level icons appear in the pairing screen before you jump into the game home screen.

Did that help?