Zwift - Launcher Script Error Windows 10

Dear Support,

It has been now 3 days that the Zwift Launcher keep crashing when I try to start it. It happened all of the sudden, nothing has changed in my configuration. I was riding without any issue the day before.

I get kind of a white window that does not go away, and sometimes I get a script error (please find screenshot attached).

I have tried the following things (based on what I could find on the Zwift forum so far) to fix it, unfortunately without success:

  • make sure to have the last Windows Update
  • update the graphic chipset (Radeon)
  • reset Internet Explorer to default settings
  • uninstall and reinstall Zwift

Thank you for your support on this!

I have this same issue… Contacted support about Zwift crashing on launch two weeks ago. Completed all of their suggestions (Clear IE cache, uninstall/re-install of Zwift, etc.). I sent the event and crash logs. Support has still not responded.
The scripting error has stopped occurring, but Zwift is crashing after the Academy Screen and Welcome Screens display correctly. Zwift stops at that juncture and nothing happens, but an exit back to Windows. If anyone has seen this occur and can help, it would be greatly appreciated!