Zwift Launcher page reopening

Running on a windows laptop. Zwift opens in full screen mode and runs fine, after pedalling for about 30 seconds in it will minimise window and show Zwift launch advert window. close that remaximise main zwift window and give it another 10 seconds and it minimises again, this time no launch advert window.
Rest of the time it runs fine, its just very frustrating in the first minute of every ride. any ideas?

Never experienced that . The simplest explanation I can think of it that somehow you are launching Zwift twice , or something is causing that to happen.

What version of Windows is this . How are you launching zwift .
Is Zwift auto starting with the PC ( search the task bar for the zwift icon on boot up , or check your start up settings to see if it set to auto start ) .

If this is Windows 10 . Go to Settings>Apps>Startup … and if Zwift is set up as ON switch it to OFF .

Perhaps worth trying setting zwift to open windowed . I believe that is the recommended set up .
See if that stops it (it will certainly stop the full screen closing if nothing else) …

Thanks, i’ll give it a go in windowed mode.
yes it definitely looks like its trying start up twice almost but its not in the auto startup.

thanks windowed mode has stopped the screen closing.
unfortunately still get this issue of zwift launching a 2nd time, its odd as zwift doesn’t autolaunch and not in start up. Is only launching a 2nd time once i’ve opened zwift manually and got to the ride start +20-30 seconds. Pops up the zwift advertising banner and thats it.