Launch window opens twice [1.1.9] [1.44]

Hi - since a recent update the launch ‘lets go’ window reopens a second time while the game is booting up. I just close it, but I can’t see why this happens.

Click on the icon in your system tray and try disabling the auto load on start-up option.

I have the same problem since Zwift rolled back the 1.44 game release (Win11).

Not directly related but I’ve noticed different behaviour since the last couple of versions.

I have a shortcut for Zwift in the taskbar, after launch this icon used to be able to switch to zwift / hide zwift.

With the latest launcher, Zwift launches an additional process that gets its own icon later in the unpinned task portion of the taskbar. Makes switching via streamdeck more problematic, but does show there has been a change in the launcher functionality.

Hi @Colin_Jones_Vegan_66 @EdwardvdMaarel

With Zwift v 1.44 for PC and macOS, we also enforced an update to Zwift Launcher app v1.1.9. It is possible that update ran into hiccups in your case.

It’s a bit brute-force, but I’d advise deleting everything related to Zwift before manually installing a fresh build. This is a more thorough cleaning than the usual Windows / macOS “uninstall” process, which leaves behind Zwift files. Instructions are here. Please mind the steps to move your custom workout files out of harm’s way before you delete.

Would you try that let us know if that worked? If no - would please snap a photo / video of the double Launcher window so we can see what you’re seeing?