Launching Zwift

 Hello I have been having repeated issues with trying to open Zwift.  I occasionally get an error message but more often then not it simply won’t open, or will only open the loading screen and nothing else.  I typically start trying to open Zwift at least 10 min before I can actually get it to work. 

Any thoughts? 

What are the specs of the device you are using for Zwift? Additional info would be helpful.

I have the same problem on my Windows machine.  I’ve found that the ‘zwift launcher’ only lasts for one ride.  Meaning - once I finish a session I have to manually force close the zwift launcher that is in the lower right task bar.  Then I can re-launch zwift for a new session.  If I try to launch zwift after a ride with a ‘used’ zwift launcher, I get to the splash screen - but never the ‘Join/Ride’ screen.