ZWIFT + Kinetic InRide + PC BLE



I own the new Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart.


My PC found BLE senzor on the trainer, pairing is ok, but there is a problem when I turn on the ZWIFT. ZWIFT coudn’t recognize BLE in my PC.


Could you help me, please?

Thank you very much.


BTW: I dont own any APPLE devices.


Hi David. To use an inRide on PC with Zwift, you need to do a few things.

  1. Unpair inRide from your windows PC. Windows should not be paired to it at all, and it being paired to it will block it from anything below working.

  2. Download Zwift Mobile Link onto your android phone or tablet and log in

  3. Start Zwift on your PC and make sure Zwift Mobile Link is also running on your phone or tablet.

  4. When Zwift gets to the pairing screen, it should see our companion app running on your phone and use it as the Bluetooth 4.0 receiver for devices like inRide.

The companion app has other benefits during a Zwift session as well, so it’s good to have either way.

NOTE: for this to work your PC and phone need to be on the same network (ie, the same Wifi )

I have downloaded Zwift Mobile Link, install it on SAMSUNG GALAXY S III mini. I has Bluetooth 4.0! I started the Zwift APP and Zwift on the PC.

The Icon is blicking that devices are searching!


But my mobile - Samsung Galaxy S III mini coudn’t find the inRIDE.


WHY? :frowning:

Jon basically went through the high-level steps already, but we’ve got more in-depth resources as well.

  1. Make sure these are the steps you’re going through to connect via Bluetooth:

  2. If you’re still having issues, so this article:

You can also submit a support ticket at for more help. :slight_smile:

Same problem coudn’t find the inRIDE with samsung Android 4.4.4.

Try with my friend phone acer android 5.1 and find the inride.



Mine is more complicated:

I have a Kinetic Road Machine w/ InRide Pod, Zwift for MacOS and Zwift Mobile Link for Android! 

The Zwift Mac app always sees my trainer (and wahoo cadence sensor, cuz InRide cadence is balls, but that’s a thread for another website) but ZML is VERY flaky when it comes to seeing the Kinetic/InRide.

I need to use Kurt’s Kinetic App to do roll down calibrations (or I pretty much come to a stop in rides if I ease up or stop pedalling for even a fraction of a second,) but I’m always careful to quit that app, make sure it’s not running in the background and kill all running apps (background and forground). 

I have not been able to connect to Zwift via ZML in almost 2 weeks. This has happened multiple times in the past.

I know my setup isn’t ideal, platform-wise, but my logic is if it works some of the time, it should work all of the time.