Zwift, Kickr Snap and Garmin 920xt

(Iron Chingona-Base Performance) #1

Hi, I currently use Zwift with my Kickr Snap. I have a Garmin Vector, and a Garmin speed and cadence senor also. When I’m using Zwift all the data goes to my Garmin bike computer but not my Garmin 920xt. Please help.

(Paul Allen) #2

Why would you need it to since it goes to your bike computer and uploads to Zwift?

(Jason K) #3

Zwift doesn’t transmit data, it only reads it; so if you’re having problems getting the data to show up on another device over ANT+, that’s going to be an issue between how that device is connecting with your sensors. Zwift doesn’t factor in.

If you’re certain you’ve set everything up correctly, you may want to contact Garmin for further support.

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