Speed/Distance from Zwift to Garmin Edge. How?

I guess the answer is can not, but try anyway. I use a desctop windows pc to run zwift. I use a wahoo kickr 2nd gen. Have the kickr connected as a controlable trainer. Take power and cadence from my Favero Assioma dual pedals. Heartrate from wahoo tickr. All over ANT+. I am aware of that many people don’t care about this, since it not precise anyway, but look better in the statistic…hehe. I am also aware of the option to let zwift sync to Garmin, but then i loose all the statistic for power/powerbalance etc… from the pedals if i delete the ride recorded with the Edge. Anyone have a clue on this ?

Hi,you could send the data to Garmin Connect App.If you pair your Edge to the app,when you save your ride on the Edge the data will be saved in the App

Zwift isn’t able to send ANT+ ot BT signals to any receiver, so I don’t think that will work, you can’t get the speed directly from Zwift.
I’ve got a similar setup: I’m using Vector 3 pedals which I don’t use as data source for Zwift 'cause my Tacx Neo is sending everything Zwift needs. In addition Zwift still can’t handle the cycling dynamics so IF I would use the pedals als data source, the cycling dynamics woun’t appear in Garmin connect after Zwift sent the result of a ride to GC.

The only possibility that comes to my mind is using fit-filte-tools (https://www.fitfiletools.com/) to bring the files from zwift and garmin together.
Download both fit files from Garmin and Zwift. and then merge the two files - but that might get a little bit complicated because the time stamps (time zones) will be different.

I’ve decided that’s too much. I can life without the cycling dynamics for Zwift rides and just record them when I’m pedaling in the real world.
Maybe one day Zwift will support the dynamics directly but we’ve asked for this in here for several times…

Thank you for answer, yes it was as i thought. I had a hip replacement last year and need to work with the L/R balace , otherwise i had done same you.

The big question is: is it important to have the Zwift data in Garmin Connect?
Sometimes I’m interested in the cyling dynamics, too. In that case I use my Garmin Edge in addition to Zwift.
The record setup is:
-Tacx Neo (ANT+) for power and cadence to Zwift
-HR via ANT+ to Zwift
-Vector Pedals (ANT+) are bound to the Garmin Edge (for power, cadence and cycling dynamics)
-HR via BT to Edge
-Tacx Neo (via BT) to Garmin Edge (for the speed and the distance)

After a ride the file from Zwift contains all intersting data except cycling dynamics.
The file from the Garmin Edge contains all data (except any GPS information) but the distance and speed are some kind of nonsense, 'cause the Taxc Neo is doing some very “special” own calculations which are everything but no realistic values.

'Cause Zwift is linked to Garmin Connect, I will have two recorded activities in GC when I’m done: the one from the Garmin Edge and the one from Zwift.
Fun fact: Power data is nearly exact the same even they are recorded from different devices, but distance/speed are completely different.
My personal descision was: if I’m interested in cycling dynamics, I will delete the Zwift data from GC. If I’m NOT interested, I delete the data from the Edge (or simply don’t record the ride on the Edge).
So you should ask yourself: how important are the GPS track and speed/distance from Zwift? From my point of view not very 'cause they are not realistic compared to real world rides (which is caused by the draft and wind which doesn’t matter on Zwift). Whenever I ride outside I never reach the speed I reach at Zwift. So why should that simulated value be important to me?
You’ve a good reason to have the data with cycling dynamics in GC - isn’t it ok to have the corresponding Zwift data only in Zwift and not in GC?

I definitely understand your “looks better in the statistics” approach - I’m thinking the same way. But after playing around with the data from the different devices I didn’t find a non-complicated method to bring all that data together in one nearly perfect activity. Maybe one day Zwift will support cycling dynamics but until that day I have to decide between Zwift data OR Cycling dynamics…

Use Golden Cheetah to merge the data from the Garmin fit file and the Zwift fit file. (On the Activity menu, choose Combine Activities.)