Garmin edge 1030 and zwift

Im sorry if this is the wrong topic.
I was wondering what do i have to do to connect my garmin edge 1030 with zwift, to be able to see speed and hill persentage on my bike computer but from zwift? For example now if i turn on my garmin there is no coneection to zwift, and i get two different data, one from garmin and the other from zwift. Any ideas?

You cannot connect the Garmin Edge to Zwift, you can only connect sensors to Zwift.

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tnx mate for the response.

That actually really dissapointing that you cant connect 600euros bike computer with a simulation game. That should be possible. Isnt there a way or it is really not possible?

Not support.

Why would you want to connect it? All of the information you should need for Zwift is available on the screen. What is it that you would want to get from the Garmin? It is primarily a GPS, and you’re not actually moving while you’re using Zwift.

I would like to see climbing percentage. There is the thing, im connected to zwift via zwift companion, i got workout mode on, thats what i see on my phone. When the weather is nice Im connected to zwift, but i got my bike outside, I dont have tv or computer outside. Just my garmin, and it would be great to see all the information on the garmin at that time. There is no chance to connect it via bluetooth or something?

Its not such a big deal, its just fascinating it cant be done :slight_smile:

Sorry about my english too :smiley:

Modern, mid- to high-end bike computers provide a lot of performance/fitness data and insight, beyond GPS. Since Zwift’s HUD and performance databases/analysis are all so limited, some people like a third-party workaround. Using a bike computer, reading ANT+ signals from the sensors, is the way to get advanced feedback while riding.

Ok, so what sort of feedback, besides power, speed, HR, and gradient are you looking for?

Read any of the threads requesting HUD customization.

TSS, NP, IF, lap average power, 3 second power, 30 second power,

VO2 Max, training status, training load balance, structured training daily guidance, load focus, recovery hours, estimated FTP, TrainerRoad integration

Hydration/nutrition tracking. Performance power curve. Left/right power dynamics.