Help Needed - Kickr picking up data from other Zwift user using a Tacx Vortex

PLEASE HELP!! I’m using a Kickr with Zwift and my partner is using a Tacx Vortex. When we started to use Zwift together (him on a iPhone and me on my iPad) my trainer was picking up his data. He moved his set up over 3 metres away down the garage and removed his power pedal and also has tried just using ANT rather Bluetooth, but no matter what we do we are unable to train together because my Zwift picks up his data e.g. I can be not pedalling but my avatar is moving and there have been occasions when I can’t turn the pedals because the Kickr thinks I’m not putting in enough power because of where he is in his training programme i.e. huge power spikes. Eventually it comes to a stop but the minute I start pedalling it jumps to his data. It’s so frustrating and means we can’t train together. We don’t have a lot of time to train so we can’t train separately. Does anyone have any ideas as to other things we can try to resolve the situation? I’ve attached a diagram of our set up. The only thing not shown is my cadence sensor which is the one that came with the Kickr and we replaced the battery in it to ensure that wasn’t the issue. We’re at our wits end with it and wondering if we’ll have to move to another training platform which would be a real shame as we’ve been riding with our club and just started racing. I can only think this is a Zwift issue as my trainer behaves fine with Zwift when I train alone. The problems start as soon as my partner starts zwifting. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

So unless something crazy is happening this is what you should be doing.

Turn kickr off. Turn tacx and MacBook on. Open zwift and pair zwift on MacBook with tacx. Then the tacx should work. Turn on kickr and iPad. Open zwift and pair kickr with iPad. Then they should both work independently.

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately this is what we’ve been doing but to no avail. No matter when I switch on it picks up my partner’s data. Despite him even blocking Bluetooth from my set up the ‘handshake’ seems to be happening in the app which is why I think it’s a Zwift issue. There must be be other people who use Zwift side by side and don’t have this issue that can help. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Can you try it without any companion apps running? Force close the app.

Also if one trainer really wants to connect to one device then can you get the other two to talk to and just swap iPad and MacBook?

Thanks Ben. Will try a couple
More things including what you suggest and see if that makes a difference. At the point of losing hope that we can fix it. So frustrating as you would think we should be able to train together without an issue.

Hi Suzy,
not sure if I can help but I’d try starting the Wahoo up with the iPad via bluetooth.
When that is up and running I would set up the Vortex with the MacBook via Ant+, ensuring that the bluetooth was off on the MacBook.

Before doing all that I would delete all devices from both iPad and MacBook and do a fresh start from the point of view of devices that are paired with Mac and iPad. You could even try deleting Zwift and re-installing it on both devices to achieve a real fresh start. (Not totally sure if that is a good idea or not. Perhaps another Zwifter could confirm this)

I would only introduce the companion app’s when if you have achieved a solution to your both Zwifting together.
Sorry if this is of no help.