Zwift is amazing, please keep it that way!

Dear Zwift and Zwifters

I am a dude from Denmark, about to hit 50 later this month.

Got a Elite Turbo Muin that I bought last year 1st Nov. as I had become fat and out of shape. Lost 25 kg fat and went from FTP at just above 100 to FTP at 250. Started out very slowly on the trainer during winter, bought a cheap entry level bike 1st Jan 2016 (Cube Peleton 2014 with Shimano 105 5700 groupset) and have been riding just above 9000 km so far in 2016, mostly out on the roads.

Now autumn again have come to Denmark, its dang cold, wet and windy. Some suggested I came on Zwift, but thought a dumb trainer like theTurbo Muin wouldnt do any good there. Got a dongle and a scale and tried it out on Zwift. Richmond was my first try and despite some (odd) people dislike the course, I was just thrilled. This is just awesome…!!! I have great passion for cycling and have had since my early childhood, have played a lot of computer games, and here I get both, how amazing that is!!!

Please keep up the good work and for GOD SAKE, dont become greedy and horrible like many other companies who tasted some success!!!

Great Post Kim… 

Congrats on losing all those KG…   I think I found some of them for you as they have attached themselves to my waist recently…  

zwift is awesome, but I think you hit the nail no the head…   Some companies when they are in this phase of their development and growth, in the need for cash to to keep competition at bay, will sell out on their philosophy.   Or, they just plain get greedy.     

I don’t think this is going to happen to Zwift as a critical mass has been passed.   However, there are some worrying signs with the way they handle some problems.   Take the most recent software update which essentially crashed all of the TACX trainers for bluetooth connection…   It hasn’t been fixed yet…   This is OK, but what is NOT OK is their lack of communication and updates.   Imagine how many people are riding on TACX smart trainers that cannot now use their trainers… and are in effect continuing to pay for their subscriptions but are not value for it.  

A healthy company realizes that customer satisfaction is the key to long term success… many upstarts however take too long to learn this lesson.


Hi Kerry

You can have the rest of my fat as well, not much left :wink:

Sorry to hear about the TACX trainers and Bluetooth on Zwift. That sure is a shame. Not sure how I would communicate to the users of my company if I had one, knowing that Bluetooth is rubbish and full of issues. I did however read a little here and there here on Zwift from Bluetooth users and also saw some writings from Zwift, but never put much notice to it as I use ANT+ to connect.

Since i got my Turbo Muin last year I have tried all I could to connect via Bluetooth to my Laptop with the Misuro thingy. I never got it to work. Using ANT+ and never had any issue what so ever. Bluetooth is old and have always had issues. Every update with Bluetooth seem to create new problems for their users and seemingly also for all companies and the users connecting to them.

I have been doing some programming in my young days, but never into this area with connection to other devices, so have no clue what kind of hardship the programmers at Zwift are going through!?

If for some reason the same thing happened with ANT+ and I would not be able to connect for a couple of weeks or a month, I would just stop my payment and try follow along how the fix is going, try to see if there could be another way to connect.


If the company makes and announcement that there is a problem with Bluetooth and they say they are working to solve it, then there is really not that much else to say until they get it solved. Of course annoying for the users that they cant connect to zwift, but hopefully they will still be able to use their trainer and get the data to their devices, if not, then its no longer a Zwift problem but solely a Bluetooth problem, and Zwift can do nothing more than any other users of Bluetooth, until who ever is owner of the protocol and in charge of Bluetooth get it fixed.

I have experienced enough bad things in life, that if that should happen to me, i would just stop my payment, follow along how the fix is going…meaning keep myself updated via support forum or where ever the things are posted. Maybe try find another solution, well, depends.


One thing I often say to myself: “If this is the worst thing that will happen in this life, i am seriously lucky” and then I would deal with the situation in the best manner possible. :slight_smile:

I tried for 3 month connecting my trainer to Elite via Bluetooth. Never got it to work. Cant blame Elite for that. Its all in the Bluetooth protocol. Who should I contact regarding Bluetooth and would they even care or give me a solution???

Sorry to say, but Bluetooth sux big time and always did and most likely will continue until its death as something in the whole base/setup/foundation is surely wrong.

I am not defending Zwift, just dont know if what you are saying is true or not about the communication or the other things you say?!?!. It could be you not keeping yourself updated good enough and then just blaming others?!? I have no intention spending time investigating it and dont really care about your arguments on this as it would just be your words.

If you have an issue regarding Zwift or Bluetooth or both, you should point it out the right place, and IMHO its not the right place in an answer to my post. Sorry mate :slight_smile:

Ride on!

Hey Kim, we are so happy to have been able to make that kind of positive difference in your life! Congrats on the weight loss and power gains!

We always try to be transparent with changes we’re making, and we all love cycling here, so I don’t think you have to worry about us going all corporate - everyone at the helm of Zwift believes in a quality experience first.

Ride On!