Zwift, is a lot of fun, and has improves my training and fitness

So, after 3 days, 15 hours, 1,632miles, 109,606ft, 189 Pizza slices I have managed to explore quite a bit. Tried everything except group training rides. Including using xErt to run training plans using the Edge 810.

There is a lot here to keep me interested. To be honest at the start I thought I would get tired of it after a month or two. Initially using it after a spill on the ice outside…and realising I would not get enough training in for the Tour Of Wessex. So…out of desperation in the British winter I setup and started with the game.

As a game, its got so much potential. But scanning over the forum, I do hope what people are writing about and the votes will be taken into account. Lots of good ideas.

Personally, anything that moves the platform forward, and makes it more varied or interesting. Stuff that games you to ride harder. Things that help with training efficiently are what keeps me here. I am sure your being asked for all kinds of things.

I think it would be good to run some campaigns to help focus the improvements sometimes. i.e. pick the top few big items. Pull it into some possible shapes, and put it out to the community to help decide. For instance…creative ways to do the world switch…that has so much more potential than just allowing people to choose a world. Yet, for now…perhaps it would keep people happy while you work on the bigger things.

But…hey…ask us is the main thing.

So keep up the good work and keep listening, this is so much fun but it has to grow to keep the crowd interested.