Zwift - Iphone XS - Screen mirroring on Apple TV 2nd gen

I’m having an issue with my iPhone XS. When using the zwift app mirrored through my apple TV the screen on my TV is stuck in portrait mode whilst the app is landscape on my phone.

NB - the swipe up (home button) bar on the XS is on the left side of the app instead of the bottom. I think this is where the issue is.

Any thoughts guys?

I am having the same issue on my iPhone 8 mirroring to my television through an Apple TV 3. No matter how I orient the phone it still displays on the television in portrait view. I too would like a suggestion.

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Got it working…

I bought an AV-HDMI adapter in the meantime from ebay. After plugging it in the landscape issue resolved. I’ve now gone back to apple tv and no adapter and the issue is fixed.

Adapter cost me £20
Hope this helps