iPhone XR to TV Orientation Issue


When I connect my iPhone XR directly to a TV using a HDMI connector, the screen orientation is 90 degrees off. The orientation was fine with my old iPhone 6s. Is there a compatibility issue with the new iPhones?



Not sure about that Bobby, but is there an issue with other apps screen orientation when connecting through HDMI?

Hi did you ever resolve this issue? I just set Zwift up and had exactly the same orientation issue after connecting my iPhone XS to an HDMI adapter to TV after having Rouvy connected the same way via HDMI without any orientation issues, any suggestions would be appreciated thanks,


Hi Richie,

I did not. I was hoping someone at Zwift would be able to help…

Hi Vincent,

Other apps run fine using HDMI. Only Zwift is 90 degrees off instead of Landscape mode.

Looks like the latest update of Zwift resolved this issue.

I’ve had the same issue today on my new IPhone XR. I swapped back to my IPhone 7 and it was fine.

Did you update iOS to the latest version? I believe they fixed this issue.

Thanks. That sorted it, wrongly assumed my iOS was up to date, with it being brand new.

Hi all, I just got the same issue while trying Zwift for the first time. I got an Iphone 6s with genuine Apple AV adapter. My IOS and Zwift App are up to date. The app is in landscape on my phone but vertical on my TV. I didn’t find any post with similar issue recently, should I open a case to support? Thanks

Experiencing the same problem with my new iPhone XS. Still no idea of what’s going on?

Hi. Anybody fixed this issue yet? Just received an iphone 11 and it’s driving me mad! Probably a simple fix but for the life of me can’t find a solution.

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We are having the same problem on our Apple TV. We have tried and iPhone XR, 6S, and 11 all with the same result. (Correct on phone sideways on TV.) Help!!!

Same problem here. iOS is up to date as is Zwift. Anyone managed to solve the problem? Really annoying!

Any fixes for this yet. It’s annoying.

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Same… please fix this issue!

I think I may have a theory as to why it’s not going to Landscape although I need to borrow my mates Apple lightning to AV adaptor to be absolutely sure. My Lightning adaptor is a cheap £7 after market version. I’ve just gone on ebay and a few sellers that knock these out say “supports IOS 12” on the ads for them. Now we’re on IOS 13, I’m guessing the controlling monsters at Apple have done something with version 13 that render after market copies like mine useless… or at least not fully workable. I’ve just borrowed an Apple TV box off my son in law and it all works with my iphone and TV (albeit a bit jerky - too jerky for my liking). So the only factor currently excluded with this Apple TV set up is my after market lightning to AV adaptor. Apologies if you have a genuine Apple adaptor and its still not working but I think the after market one I’ve got doesn’t support the latest version of IOS. thanks

Did others get this working? I could not work it out, Googled everything. Plugged it in again, turned it to silent mode, rotated my phone to the left instead of the right, and for some reason it now works!! No logic so can’t advise how to solve it sorry.

I have the same problem on an iPhone 6s. Zwift is in landscape on iPhone but 90degrees out using Apples HDMI adaptor on my TV. Has anyone found a solution? I’m not keen on putting my TV on its side.

Could put your bike sideways instead!