Zwift Intervals

Hi, this may already exist, as I don not have a smart trainer(but am considering), and have never tried zwift. From what I hear, a typical zwift ride is basically an all out tt from the gun since there is always someone faster due to all levels of riders.

Is there an option or a way to create a race like interval session? I see there is a group ride option but it appears everyone stays together regardless of wattage. I would like to see a interval type workout where all riders start together and then “race” to the end of the interval and place respective to their avg power.

Once the interval is over, everyone levels up during the recovery(stays together) until they start the next interval. No drafting, and the leaderboard is determined by the avg power for all the intervals.

This would lead to riders finding someone slightly above their ability, and push them just the right amount for a higher quality interval session.

Does this exist already an if not, could it be developed? Thanks!