Instructor-led interval sessions

Hi all,

I asked the team at Zwift whether it would be possible to have instructor-led interval sessions over the summer months and they said in the northern hemisphere they usually only do these in winter months. I personally find the automated sessions very dull in comparison and thought instructor-led interval sessions would be much more beneficial to runners if they were to take place over the summer months too as this is when the racing season is. Great still to have them also in winter though when the weather’s bad.

What does everyone else think?



there are some “group rides” that call out intervals. for example, i do this one on east coast US sundays:

it’s a lot of fun in this format; i’m not a fan of the group rides with the rubberbands.

Thanks Dan. That’s cycling only isnt it, not running?

ah! sorry, i missed that this was in the running category, my bad!