Training schedule with 2 x races (ZRL and TTT)

I’m trying to prepare a bit of a training plan around Zwift races. I have a maximum of about 10 hours of riding time available during the week, with most days allowing for about one hour, and 2 - 3 hours each day on the weekend. I love to race on Zwift and while I realise that this isn’t the best training plan, it is what actually gets me riding. I can’t jump on and do structured training day in day out (kudos to those that can!).

I would like to race 2 - 3 times a week without burning out, with 2 - 3 additional rides. So what would be your recommendation for training plans / rides? If you’ve got a specific workout in Zwift that you use for rides, including

The races I’m looking at for the next few weeks are ZRL on a Tuesday night and WTRL TTT racing on a Friday morning. This gives me a couple of hard races during the week.

With 2 hard races a week I’d probably be looking to do recovery/ steady rides the rest of the time.

Far too much emphasis on high intensity structured training on zwift IMO. There’s no magic shortcut to high performance, it’s mostly about steady miles.

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Thanks for the response. I should have said the basis of the rest of my plan will be:
Mon: Rest day
Tues: ZRL race
Weds: Easy Z1/Z2 ride or depending on legs, more of a tempo / SST ride.
Thurs: Easy Z1/Z2 ride or rest
Fri: TTT race
Sat / Sun: Up to 2 hours per day in Z1/Z2

Sure that looks about right to me. Maybe find a couple of regular group rides that fit your schedule/pace and pencil them in?