Zwift interface

I have been using Zwift for some time now. I have recently tried to do more then just cycling and some events - and I got to say I am getting more and more frustrated by the interface. 

I am using a PC, by the way. 

So, starting with my Zwift. I can log in in that screen. But going to any other screen from there - events, community, etc., gets me logged out. There is a log in button on these screens - but those dump me back into the activities screen. So, I can’t use this to join an event - I need to start up my mobile to join, when already on my PC?  

And why does an bright orange button keep suggesting me to download the program, even when I am logged in, and longtime user?

I tried to do the Giro1 event, signed up, started, but lost connection. When reconnecting, the program asked me if I wanted to (re)join, and send me there automatically after 30 seconds. Which left me standing on the start platform, but I was not able to actually move.  Seems to me that you should either be able to rejoin (or start later), and then actually ride, or unable to rejoin. This auto-rejoin and then being stuck is irritating. 

When cycling, it is a hassle to get to a menu. Some have shortcut keys. One you can get to when you stop moving. Havent found how to enter an event yet once I got on the bike. Only option seems to log out and log in again. 

I wanted to join the Giro2 event. Seems not to be on the event list. Can’t get information anywhere. Have put those Giro rides in my agenda, but won’t be able to ride them? Why not? Cancelled? Not allowed to join once disconnected? Other reasons?

Once I sign on for an event, I can’t find anywhere that I have signed on - except by scrolling through all events. Can do that only on my mobile, or by first logging in and entering the Zwift world and then, sitting on my bike, going trough all events - afterwards logging out and discarding the ride. 


Frustrated :(.