Zwift in WoW

I know this is never gonna happen but…

Partner up with Blizzard, get me some routes in WoW. Make me deliver goods between outposts or up and down the streets of Orgrimmar.

I would love that. :smiley: For me, the main downside of Zwift is that it isn’t gamey enough.

Sure, it’s a game and has some gaming elements. But it’s not something I spend thousands of hours in like I have Overwatch, TF2 or WoW.

Many see it as a training platform first and foremost, and that’s fine. But I’m a recreational and transportation cycling gamer, at least as much as I am a competitive rider. Much more real game-like features built in (e.g. delivery & pickup missions, evading the cops, etc.) would make it a stronger draw than presently.

I’d love more of a visual feast, too. There’s a barely noticeable confetti stream when someone hits a PR or ends a workout, but compared to OW or WoW there’s next to nothing going on.

In WoW, it was clear when someone near you levelled up (“dinged”). e.g.


Things like that really appeal to me.