Gaming Tie-Up

Not sure how many will care for this feature but I fell in love with Zwift cause it combines working out with gaming, two of the things I love.

So I would like to request a feature where training on Zwift can unlock abilities, buffs or just ornamental features in our favourite games.

I personally am a Destiny player and would love it if something like…Every 100Km’s I unlock a buff (for 24hrs) or an emblem, an emote, a shader etc.
It could help gamers stay motivated to do physical exercise in tandem with gaming.
Im sure it can work with many other games but I would personally love a tie-up with Destiny.

What do you all think?

I think we already unlock cosmetic items by playing. Admittedly it’s only one item per level, and they stop at level 25. But it’s there.

I’d like them to introduce more incentives though. Like you get “1 gold piece” for every 20km ridden, then can spend your “money” through an in-game shop. (As long as they don’t go down the random drop/lootbox route - that sucks).

I’m not interested in a tie-in with some random third-party game though. That sort of cross-pollination makes some sense for other games; such as unlocking a WoW-based Overwatch skin, because they’re both Blizzard games. But Destiny? Why not Overwatch, or CS:GO, or Fortnite. Certainly the latter has the biggest player base at the moment. Why even an FPS game at all? Why not an MMO, since Zwift itself is a sort of MMO-light.

I’d say overall maybe the majority of Zwift users aren’t gamers. I know plenty are - I am - but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to go for that particular segment.

For me it’d be better to generate tie-ins with cycling and fitness-related brands. Ride 100km on a Specialized bike in a single ride and the game presents you with a code to get $5 off any purchase of Specialized merchandise. Or something to do with energy gels, or… whatever. Maybe…

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erm, not a chance… I am a gamer WoW in fact but Zwift is training for me. I love the diversion it provides especially as I run and ride on it a lot. But would never want to “play” it as a game.

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Personally, I’d love more gaming-orientated features within the game.

Because Zwift is a game. Sure, it can be a serious training tool, but for a lot of people training isn’t the focus. We ride on Zwift for entertainment and to get some exercise in.

Maybe one day there will be “Mario Kart” style worlds that are more fun-orientated. The serious riders can opt for Watopia (using the World chooser we all want), while others can opt for whacky races and stuff. Maybe a course with loops and jumps on it - you’ll only make the jump if you’re doing at least 20kph when you hit the ramp. It could be so much more than it is now, and as long as it’s optional to take part in those things, such features would only increase the attractiveness I reckon.