Learn from World of Warcraft

(Andrew Jarrod) #1

Zwift has been compared to a MMPORG with bikes in the past.  I think that there are certainly ideas that could be used from Blizzards monster.  To start with LFG and LFR.

In WoW these refer to Looking for Group & Looking for Raid.  These are easily mapped in Zwift to Looking for Group and Looking for Race.

WoW’s implementation of these is core to it’s playability, the ease of being able to access content with other players almost instantly.  To do things you simply cannot alone (surely shared core values with Zwift).  These facilities have been enhanced and fine tuned over the years to now being very accomplished.

In Zwift LFG would allow a user to very quickly either look for a group or create one.  You give it a name.  Give it a pace (e.g. 2.5w/kg).  Then list it.  All other riders can scan groups listed and press a button to join them.  It would make sense that they join the group at the front and at group pace to prevent being dropped instantly.

LFR would be similar but would have a start time and other race oriented data.

These facilities would enable anyone to logon to the game find a group of the right level and join.  There would be far less need to publish rides in advance, although races would still be planned in the same way then use LFR to join.

There are many other ideas / parallels, but this is merely a starter for 10.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Andrew, 

Thank you very much for your great suggestions, we’ll put them on the request list. 

Ride On!

(The Penski) #3

I was also considering posting this.

If the Zwift team hires some developers who have played WoW, they will bring massive massive improvements, ideas and suggestions to Zwift that will easily take it beyond any other similar fitness app we are currently seeing.


LFG/LFR (Looking For Group/Raid)…the modding/addons faculties…there is so much that would make Zwift infinitely better than it currently is.

WoW has had 10 million subscribers a month for more than a decade…its features and ideas and solutions make everything easy, and they have been polished to a significant level.