Zwift ignoring Android Wattbike users

Yet zwift have just released kickr direct connection for a small subset of users. So Zwift are committed to features for specific user groups.

So how should Atom users lobby to get new features? As it simply contradicts your entire post above.


Don’t bother Lee, Zwift aren’t taking requests anymore.

There are many of us here on the SB20 bike who have been lobbying for more integration for steering support and gear info like the Atom, both of which have been confirmed by Stages are sent via BT, and if I remember correctly Stages signed some agreement to give exclusively to Zwift for the steering too.

We have / had a situation where Zwift is selling smart bikes with advanced features, alongside a platform that requires said advanced features to work fully yet the two are incompatible and in the case of Atoms requires the use of specific end user hardware to work. Crazy.

As pointed out by @Shane_Miller_GPLama yes I was one of those sold on all the ‘smart’ goodness promised for Zwift.

Steering is not available on the Atom, there was something about it working but I don’t believe it ever has. When they released it on kickr bike they broke the atom as non functional steering was applied to the atom.

I have one simple request, be able to toggle between erg & gear mode… Currently on iOS you go between erg & slope/resistance mode why this doesn’t shift between erg/gears il never know. (I think it works on pc just not ios/atv)

I get the frustration for Android users, why implement half a feature - features should either be all platforms or none, it’s simply amateur to deploy on one platform and not another.