WattBike Atom Gears On 📺 Screen

The WattBike Atom. An amazing piece of kit for the money and currently the only self contained connected training bike of its kind. It’s got a 15 week waiting list and  over a thousand past purchases and rising. Nice. Now you would think with an increasing user base like that and for a comparatively simple feature as displaying the gear selection on screen would be a popular demands from Atom owners. Funnily enough it’s the number one request. “You’re the thousandth Atom owner asking today mate. There’s just not enough demand to put it on the ‘to do’ list”. So far Zwift have acknowledged that this is a feature that is missing from the game experience and a feature that is ruining that experience by its very absence. So. Please. Can you give some kind of definitive assurance that this will positively be sorted in the first quarter of 2018. The Atom is one of the first of what will be a pattern of integrated machines from various manufacturers so by getting ahead of the game now you’ll save $$$ in the long term by keeping your customer base and showing you are  in tune with hardware as well as the software side. 


Thanks guys in In keen (and hopefully not misguided) anticipation. 





Zwift does not give time frames when features will be released.

Hi Paul

Their  last public comment re: this issue was “definitely this Winter”. That’s encouraging news. And it’s not an exact time frame per se that is the problem. But whether or not it will be fixable and roughly when. 



They also said the they would be starting beta test for Zwift on Android sometime during the end of summer 2017 and it still has yet to be released. They have said similar thing for other features.

Zwift and almost all software developers now days don’t give road maps or time frames for when features will be released.

There are many other features that impact a greater percentage of riders that should come before this.

There will be more than one team working on one platform. It’s not a sequential thing. Or at least it shouldn’t be. We are all subscribers and obviously all subscribers have subjective views on whether their own feature request is more important than their peers. Nevertheless to undertake the massive task as developing for the Android community are requesting is just that. Massive in comparison to the Atom ownership. But the Atom issue is minuscule compared to that undertaking. And so a minor and easily fixable one. In a sense Zwift could be a victim of their own success. It’s an amazing, complex and revolutionary achievement and a worldwide one at that and it’s not going to go away for the foreseeable future. That’s for sure. So Zwift need to expand their programmer base tenfold to cope with the inevitable increase in feature requests that will be coming in accordingly. I’m sure they don’t need me to tell them that somehow!

The Zwift on Android was just an example. Do you think your request should go before being able to choose which world you want to ride in or Zwift not closing after you upload a ride or being able to go back to the course page to change what course you what to ride on. I could go on and on about requests that would be for a larger percentage of the user base. What you think is an easy fix/feature might not be at all.

Zwift is expanding all the time and they are release features at a higher rate than they did previously.

I see you are somewhat new to Zwift so you have not been around for all the aches and pains over the years. I remember when they have the blue men to fill up the roads. I am sure it’s on there list of features that they are/will be working on, but they will not give a date on when they will be releasing it.

You’re right Paul. I’m a newbie on Zwift. It’s true. I see where you’re coming from now you explained the complexity and variance of different issues. I never realised they had to fill up the roads with 'bots in their early days. A bit like UK motorways. Quiet at first. Now the most oversubscribed in the world!  My own personal request?  Allow users to put their own scanned logos, kit designs or at least text on their clothing. And another thing …

Theres a lot to be said for a bit of competition too. Road Grand Tours look half decent but compared to Zwift still in their infancy. So. The wait continues then …

Same with Elite Aleno, they have it in the elite app, not zwift though

Yes. There is a workaround in that we too must use the WattBike App to view such but if you are using a mobile phone then the mobile link app can’t be used and … so it goes on. All I am asking is to have it confirmed by Zwift that it is do-able and will be done sooner than later. As indeed must WattBike themselves. It’s in their interest if not more so - to get this shortcoming sorted. Being a worldwide thing (cycling) Zwift have provided an amazing service that has transformed the drudgery and boredom of indoor training almost overnight and with that has come the the fact that there is a global demand from the thousands of users to get their own wee problems done first.  But then with a growing membership comes bigger income revenues for Zwift. Which should mean bigger staffing and administration, R&D and mor. Because their ‘baby’ won’t be going anywhere soon. It’s still in its infancy and gets bigger weekly. So. Best to invest big time now and reap the rewards later. Because though they have little in the way of decent competition presently. It’s going to come and if they’ve hit the ground running now with massive expansion of Support then that investment will pay massive dividends and insurance in ththe longer term. Let’s hope they see it that way too. :+1:


Zwift marked this thread as planned, you are not going to get anything more than that. 

Well!  Looks like I did. Gears for the WattBike Atom on screen are here! As requested  


Excellent. Thanks for listening guys! Very much appreciated! :+1: