Zwift hypocrisy: custom jersey edition

(Johnathan) #1

Zwift: we are NOT doing custom jerseys for teams.

Zwift also: image

(Neil) #2

Totally agree.Told we don’t do kits…then teams get kits.

(Martyn) #3

Giant, Specialized & Canyon are sponsors of Zwift so it’s likely there is something written in a contract somewhere regarding jerseys.

(Daren) #4

I sponsor them to the tune of £13 every month. :smiley:

(Johnathan) #5

Ha! I got my Hammer and a year’s worth of subscriptions from Zwift, I’ve surely given them over $1000.

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(Z Kryder) #6

Sponsors pay for jerseys or at least it is part of the deal.
Teams that join the KISS pro racing league get jerseys. It is a necessity.
Zwift clubs have been put on hold for some time now.
You can vote up the forum request to get club jerseys. What group are you part of and how many members are there? (The old standard was 500 members)
Think positive if you really want positive change.
Also, the jersey you show is a Specialized Mixtape, a new women’s apparel line being (paid) advertised by Specialized.
Check to identify ‘jersey unlock’ events.

(Daren) #7

That’s demonstrably not true. Certain “clubs” (and group rides) have had jerseys added recently. Some that already had jerseys have had them updated.

(Neil) #8

True. Really annoys me.