Zwift Hub - Thru axle adapter won't fit non-drive side

I’m just curious if this issue has happened to anyone else. The thru axle adapter will not fit into the non-drive side of the Zwift Hub. No amount of persuasion will get it to fit, just won’t budge. These trainers aren’t cheap and to have it show up with a manufacturers defect is unacceptable in my opinion.

Did you get an answer for this? I am having the same issue!

They tried to resolve it by sending me new adapters. As I expected, they didn’t work. Had to submit more photos and a video for the second time of the new adapters not working. They finally shipped me a new Zwift Hub. The second one wasn’t defective and the adapters fit like they should. However, the cassette that it ships with is warped and a total piece of ■■■■. I replaced it with a Shimano 10 speed that matches my bike. The entire process took over 2 weeks to resolve. Terrible experience from consumer standpoint. In hindsight I should have just bought the Wahoo Kickr Core.