Zwift Hub Resistance Doesn't Change

Hi All, My hub doesn’t change resistance. I am on the latest version of the game (on an android device) and the hub firmware is upto date.
The game plays I can connect to the hub, the clicker controller connects and so does my HRM.
The clicker seems to register the gear change in game (pressing plus or minus changes the gear on the game display). The resistance doesn’t alter at all.
Anyone know how to resolve this?
Many Thanks. Andrew

Hi @Andrew_McGuigan1, welcome to the forums!

Are you connecting the trainer as “power” and “resistance” when first opening Zwift?

HI @Andrew_McGuigan1, welcome to Forums. thanks for sharing your concern on this space. I’m Juan from Zwift.

I’m sorry to hear your Zwift Hub is having resistance related issue. To drill down on this the best way to move forward is by contacting us. This stems from the fact that we will request more info from you, as well as a short video. We will be delighted to help you.

hi there - when i follow that link it just takes me back to ambassadors. Can you please email me via my account?


Have you tried asking them to escalate it to a staff member? They can push a button to do that

Hi @Andrew_McGuigan1, Thank you for trying to contact us!
My name is Fernanda, I’m part of the support specialist team at Zwift.

I appreciate you reaching out to us, I’ve gone ahead and emailed you and I’m connecting you to the right Community Support Colleague in Zwift Support.

In the email, we wil have a space to continue troubleshooting this issue. I’m glad that we have this opportunity to help you!