Zwift Hub Replacement Freehub Body


Can anyone please tell me if they know where I can get a stock or oem freebody hub for the zwift hub? I’m looking for the sram/shimano 11/10 speed version. I’m only a month into the trainer and already have cassette biting / wear into the freehub body. I want to have a backup ready.


Did you ever find answer for this? I need a new freehub too.

JetBlack VOLT freehub will work if Zwift doesn’t have/offer spares.

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Thank you very much! Those are impossible to find these day though. Btw, I always watch you on youtube!

@Shane_Miller_GPLama, I did contact jet black and they asked if it was for a zwift hub and said they don’t provide parts for the zwift hub. I went through zwift and they sent me a whole new trainer. Great support!

By now I imagine a huge portion of Jetblack’s support contacts are coming from Zwift Hub customers and they wish it would just stop :grinning: