Zwift Hub One needs TWO Click remotes for triathlon bikes

Can Zwift please allow us to buy an extra Click remote and allow two to be paired at once to the game? If you ride a tri bike, only one shifter is a huge downgrade to use. It’s in the wrong place half the time and you have to reach awkwardly to shift. It’s just a small and cheap remote that would make a HUGE impact in ride experience. We can’t use the Play remotes because they don’t fit our bars. I tried pairing two Click remote shifters and the game won’t let you, even if you owned two. Please modify the game to allow to pair 2 of the Clicks at once and allow for the purchase of additional Click remotes individually on your site. Thanks.

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Where would you put the 2nd one?
I assume you’d like one for the tri-bars and another around the brakes?

That was my thought. Some TT/tri bikes with electronic shifting have a second set of buttons on the base bars, but those of us with mechanical group sets manage with just the shifters on the aero bars.

Yep dual gear changing is commonplace with Di2 but obviously not with mechanical.

On Zwift i guess technically there is less requirement to come out of the aero position as you don’t need to brake.
If it’s a hilly route then I guess you would or for sprinting.

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