Purchasing additional Zwift click [NOVEMBER 2023]

I recently purchased Zwift Hub One. Have been happy with performance. Zwift Click has worked well. When I purchased it I did not take the opportunity to purchase an additional Click, which was an option at the time. At this time I want an additional one to use on another bike to be used on the trainer. However, Zwift no longer offers just the single Click as a purchase. The only way to obtain an additional Click is to purchase it along with an additional Zwift Hub One cog with a Click. I contacted Zwift and offered no option to purchase a Click individually. It was suggested I put this out on the forum to see if there is support so maybe this can be changed. Would appreciate thoughts and also contact Zwift to let them know. Thank you

It seems reasonable to offer the Click separately since Zwift markets a benefit of the Click + Cog to be able to easily switch between bikes. I can also understand that some would say just switch the Click over to the other bike, but I like to minimize inconveniences if the price is right.

I would like to purchase additional clicks. I have 3 bikes that I like to rotate so it would be nice to have the option. COME ON ZWIFT!

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I would like to order additional Zwift Click too. Think this should be no problem for Zwift?

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I was just in the store looking to purchase another Click and heart rate monitor for my wife. They had the HRM, but like OP stated, the Click is only available with the Zwift Cog (don’t need). I was stumped until I saw this thread. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to purchase another Click after my initial order. I’m confused (and a little irritated) as to why they are not offered as a separately purchased item.

So you can only buy the “click” in combination with the “Cog”
This is ridiculous!

I agree. I have a kickr core and all I want is virtual gearing. cant be bothered with the play controllers ( cant get them in SA anyways #lame ) so I should be able to just buy the click.

Hello everyone. This is Juan, a Zwift colleague. You made a great decision by posting this query here. I am pleased to inform you that this matter has been raised with the relevant team for consideration in future improvements to our store offerings. Noteworthy, the Zwift Play offers virtual shifting as well, so it would be a great alternative here. I would like to suggest you stay tuned to our official channels like the Shop and zwift.com, where you could find any updates in case a change is implemented.


Zwift play is £99, Cog&Click is £80, just the Click button, IMO which will be very popular btw, should be about £20 as an add-on item. Consider it a loss leader as those who buy will likely then buy the full upgrade kit later. Even better if you separate the Cog from the Click altogether. Then give customers options. Just thoughts. I am just after the button for virtual shifting.

Now that virtual shifting has been made available on the Kickr V6, will there be an option to buy the Click only?


With MTB flat bars I can not use the Play, so this is not an option.

I just want the Click.
I have a fixed bike on my Kickr. So I also don‘t need the Cog.

Please offer the Click separately!

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I would like to buy a Click to add to my Play Controllers. And please please, ship to NZ & Australia. I have team members there that would love to purchase them too.

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