Controlling Zwift Cog (virtual gearing) with Shimano/SRAM wireless shifters?

I didn’t find this question/topic elsewhere, so here it is.

I currently use the Click controller with my Cog+Hub as designed. It’s a decent experience.

However, I keep wondering what the experience would be like if we could use our Di2 or Etap shifting systems — either via the main shifters, or the custom/assignable buttons. Aware of the Play controllers, but the ideal solution from my POV is one that doesn’t require adding extra controllers.

I appreciate that this will require getting Shimano and SRAM to play nice with Zwift, but it seems like a worthwhile pursuit where everyone benefits.


Apart from Zwift who could potentially lose hardware sales, so i doubt they would do anything that would facilitate your suggestion :wink:

It depends somewhat on Zwift’s overarching business and product strategy. I still think of Zwift as primarily a software company — where there’s more to be gained over time with a multi-year subscription service compared with one-off product sales. And, as we reconsider things like our consumption and materialism more.

Having said that, I’m grateful for what Zwift is doing in the product space because it will help push (hopefully) innovation and better interoperability with other cycling product companies.