Zwift Cog + Tacx Flux

Hey all,

Just upgraded to a Tacx Flux S from my older Renpho Bike, wondering if there’s a possibility to purchase and install a Zwift cog on the Flux S, and be able to use the single cog / virtual shifting?


Zwift doesn’t support virtual shifting (yet) on any Garmin/Tacx trainers, so at this time you would need to use the QZ app ( to get virtual shifting. It would allow you to use the Zwift Click or Play controllers with your trainer, but you’d have to install an additional 3rd party app on a phone or tablet. You could buy the existing Zwift Click+Cog kit, remove the Cog from the freehub it comes with, and install it on the Flux. If that sounds appealing, talk to @Roberto_Viola who wrote the app.

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Hi Richard, qz developer here. Let me know if I can help you!

Thanks for the info guys!

I used an iPad to run swift, and my iPhone to run companion. Would the QZ app run alongside those? or does it need to be the primary app running on the device?

Anyone you know if Tacx/Virtual shifting is on the zwift roadmap in the near future? I’m also an AppleWatch HRM guy… so I’m waiting on that too… lol