Tacx Zwift Cog Support?

Is there a timeline for the rollout of the Zwift cog compatibility with Tacx Neo 2T trainers?

That’s up to Garmin, not Zwift. They have to develop the firmware to do it. I haven’t heard a timeline or if it’s coming at all.

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@Paul_Southworth thank you for the clarification on that one.

Hey there @Erlank-Nel-AbMoCC thanks for the submission! Can’t make any promises about specific brands but, while a compatible Zwift Cog isn’t very likely to be made, Zwift is actively seeking to work with other manufacturers to bring Virtual Shifting to more trainers.

This is likely being made so more trainers are compatible with the coming standalone Zwift Ride Frame, so let’s hope your Tacx Neo 2T is compatible with Virtual Shifting in the future!

Ride On.

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Thank you for this clarification @Norman , I appreciate the time you took to put this response together.