Zwift Hub no movement or resistance

I started having problems with my Zwift hub this morning, when I try to ride my avatar doesn’t move and the hub just spins. I’m running Zwift on a Windows 10 laptop and the latest updates, the latest version of the game, the latest firmware on the hub and Zwift click. The trainer is paired in game along with the Zwift click. When I try and ride the flywheel spins my heart rate is registering and I can change gears but my avatar won’t move and there is no resistance. I have tried restarting the laptop and restarting the hub but nothing changes. This was working yesterday when I used it last and nothing has changed that I am aware of, I have had the hub for several weeks and it has worked perfectly until now. Please help.


I have the same problem.
My flywheel seems to get unengaged when it spins or i do a backward padel.

Then I dont get any resistance for a while until i am able to „catch“ it again when it came to a full stop.

I opened a ticket with Zwift support and they had me uninstall Zwift and re install it. Now the hub gives me resistance most of the time, sometimes it still doesn’t work. This morning during my ride a number of times my cadence would go to zero and I would had no resistance and then a couple of seconds later it would catch up and my cadence would return and the resistance would return to normal. I don’t know what is going on but this is super frustrating. It seems like a software issue as the problem is now intermittent.

Interesting. I have the same behaviour with zwift on windows and zwift on iOS - thinking more about hardware issues.

Best of luck - i will also open a ticket.

Hey, just wondering if you managed to get this sorted? I have been using my Zwift hub one for a week from new, no issues until today. Seems to not be engaging with the flywheel. I can pedal and nothing happens. I have tried following your steps mentioned above - power off for 30 seconds, firmware update, different device etc…. Nothing seems to work…

I „fixed“ it by removing the original grease from the flywheel and re-greasing it with a less sticky one.

The original grease seemed to make the flywheel stick causing the observed behaviour.

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Thanks - I did notice the blue grease gunking up those little levers inside. I’ll give that a go. :+1:

Do we have a permanent solution from Zwift or is it still the users having to find a way to fix it? :frowning:

Hi @Ioan_Said, Welcome to our Zwift forums!

I see you already reported your specific issue to our Zwift support. I took a look at your logs server and found multiple Bluetooth signal dropouts on April 7 while in the game. Was this the first day that you experienced this issue?

The usual cause for BLE dropouts is wireless signal interference. Could you please, check out this article​ for tips on how to prevent this from occurring?

Additionally, I would appreciate following up through email by replying to the last message we sent you on April 08. so, we can continue troubleshooting this issue.

I am curious also as mine was completely fine for a good four or five months (give or take) and I rode yesterday for thirty minutes, briefly stopped to blow my nose (lol) and next thing I know, the flywheel does nothing and my pedals are basically spinning out of control.
Chat help and ambassador so far has been useless. I already tried powering off, deleting zwift from every device that could possibly cause an issue, turned bluetooth off to everything but the one phone I always use anyway on the bike. Nope. What do they tell me to do? Check my connection. for real, like the connection has been completely fine for months and suddenly - gone? Absolutely nothing in the setup is different. Must have deleted the app and reinstalled multiple times, turned bluetooth on/off repeatedly to make sure it was starting “fresh” and the dang blue light is solid like it is connected but nothing works to turn that stupid wheel.
Waiting for the message about “interference” and “making sure my device is close enough”
Y’all I am sitting on the floor next to the bike with the phone. Would they like me to attach it to the hub itself?
And it took over twelve hours to get the useless cookie cutter “check your connection” response that I had already told them wasn’t an issue and had already been checked. So I guess there will be another 12 am useless tidbit in my email.
Yeah I am a wee bit annoyed.

Hi @Michelle_Klein, welcome to Forums. It’s Juan here from Zwift. Thanks for the detailed explanation. This is definitely not the experience we want to bring you.

I see that you’ve already opened a ticket support. Let’s continue there to provide you one-on-one assistance. My colleagues will be delighted to help.

I hope you will report back here about your support experience. Were you able to figure out what’s happening?

(I have been working all weekend)
To answer the most recent email question:

  • Is the resistance happening in specific scenarios such as low cadence, high torque efforts, or ERG mode?
    When the hub is connected (solid blue light) there is NO anything. No power readings no cadence etc. I can pedal like crazy but nothing happens. Checked the Bluetooth connection repeatedly and removed all other devices from the vicinity
  • Can you provide any additional details?
  • If you are using an external power measurement source, can you please attach the FIT files?
    Not using any other power meter
  • Please provide a 15 second video of the Zwift Hub having resistance issues.
    I took the bike off to ride outside so I will have to do later
    There is ZERO resistance because the flywheel does not turn when I pedal

Have followed previous instructions regarding “connection issue” over and over though it is odd to have an issue suddenly after using the hub for months with zero problems at all. And having no problems for the 30 minutes before I needed a short break
That ride was April 11 at about 10 am cst only averaging maybe 90 watts so pushing the limits or something is not something that was happening either (and average cadence around 80) Nothing weird or unusual


They are replacing my unit.
It was NOT. A Bluetooth drop/interference etc…

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