Zwift Hub How to Adjust Resistance Manually

Help, I have a Zwift Hub all set up, but I just want to adjust the resistance/ change “gears” on my own. I don’t want to do a pre-set workout, I just want to ride my bike. On my own, without staring at Watopia or whatever. I want to listen to a podcast and adjust the difficulty according to my OWN goals. I keep reading about up/down arrows, but I never see them. Where? How? Help!

Hi @Christina_Dolan

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You can create a Free ride workout and use the incline buttons on the companion app to change the resistance.

Or you can pick a flat route and ride at your own pace changing gears as you like.

You can also set the trainer difficulty to 0 so you wont feel the hills and change ears to ride at your pace.

If you are looking for a free ride workout there is ont in the FTP builder week 6 day 5.

I don’t want to change actual gears on my bike. The chain fit isn’t great and there’s only one gear that’s reasonably smooth, so I want to keep it there and adjust on the screen.
Two follow-up Questions:

  1. Where is the FTB Builder located?
  2. Where is the resistance control on the companion app? On the regular app, on a ride, there are two “up” and two “down” arrow buttons, but they are unlabeled and I’ve no idea what they adjust. Is there a key or something to the buttons on Zwift?

Thank y ou for your help

The Picture on the left show ERG mode, If you turn ERG off you will see it change to Incline.

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this isn’t the answer you were looking for but you’ll get a lot more out of your trainer and zwift if you sort the gearing out and ride it properly otherwise you have effectively just bought an expensive dumb trainer.


No, it’s a good answer. It’s just been a bit of a process getting everything set up. I figured if I could just spin a bit while I sort the cassette issue it would at least get me started. Appreciate the replies.


somehow related question. I got my hub a week ago. I went thru all the steps and I am able to change the incline. But I notice no difference in the resistance. Am I missing anything? should I exchange my hub?
Thanks in advance!

Do you get resistance changes when free riding and going up hills?

not really sure… at least not very noticeable. but I just started, so I am not sure I picked the right course. any particular course I should try to test this?

I would suggest the Watopia Hilly route.

I load a workout that was 3min 210W 3 min 140W and I could definitely notice the diference. ERG was on.
But I don’t feel it when I changed the incline.
In case this helps, I am running zwift on iPad, and zwift connection on my iPhone.
Thanks for your help!