Zwift Hub Emits Red/Brown Dust


For a week or two my Zwift hub seems to be emitting a red/brownish dust. It’s visible around the edges of the flywheel and the most concentrated on the inside of my rear derailleur, but the entire inside of my chain ends up coated with it. I have seen reports of trainers from other brands doing this, but I haven’t found any reports for the Zwift hub.

Worse than that, I can’t seem to find a way to contact support! The support screening seems to not have a contact option?!

Persist with the support chat bot until it lets you contact them. Never give up.

Hi @David_Spreen Thanks for using this space to share your concern regarding the dust emitted from your Zwift Hub. I noticed that you have already opened a ticket with my support colleagues. We are waiting for you on that channel. It would be great to hear from you soon. Take care.