Zwift Hub Disconnects

Hi guys,

Unfortunate news for me. Bought a Zwift Hub. Was super exited but once I tested the device keeps disconnecting.

Works for 10 seconds, disconnects, reconnects after 5 seconds. Then repeat.

Already tested on PC and IPhone.

Only one Bluetooth connected at the time. I turn off Bluetooth on the device I’m not using.

Note: I connect my fenix 7 (with the broadcasting feature on the watch) to zwift via Bluetooth also. Not to the hub. To the pc or iPhone.

Running out of ideas.

Anyone knows how to troubleshoot this?

Otherwise I’ll have to return it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Claudio_Brito, welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear about your troubles with connections. You can run a log file through this website to check for signal errors.

Give that a try and let us know if you are getting lots of bluetooth interference. It could just be something in your environment like a microwave being used or something.