Zwift Hub : ANT+ dropouts on Garmin FR255

Hi Everyone,

Just wondered if anyone else with a Garmin Forerunner 255 is having a similar issue with ANT+ dropouts on cadence, watts and speed? The Garmin FR255 doesn’t seem to be able to connect to the Zwift Hub via BLE, like the Android Zwift app does, where the data on the game seems quite reliable, so currently connecting to separate Power, Cadence/Speed & trainer profiles ( though had the trainer disconnected today as I didn’t want to use the heart rate bridge which also comes through on ANT+ as well as BLE ).

This is my workout from today controlled by the Zwift app & had absolutely no data issues with, however the data recorded on the Garmin is another story having drop-outs on each of the separate channels that don’t coincide 100% :

vs. the BLE-recorded workout in the game :

There’s no contest - absolutely no issues at all :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to diagnose if there’s a bug on the Garmin watch or Zwift Hub firmware but I do a bit of BLE and ANT+ development and build an ANT+ to BLE bridge to test a potential issue with the built-in HRM repeater, so I can see if it’s my heart rate monitor that could be faulty. Today’s workout was recorded by the Polar OH1 which I’ve found to be amazing and the Zwift Hub’s forward heart rate values in the Zwift game had 0 drop-outs.

However I don’t have any test equipment to record power, cadence and speed but might have set something up soon.

Anyway happy Friday and Happy Zwifting!