Zwift has no signal mid-ride from my elite Suito but indicates it’s connected on blue tooth

Anyone have this similar issue? This has happened to me 3-4 times now.

I have an elite suito now for about two months. All is working well except maybe in the last 3 weeks, suddenly I notices that all signal is lost (message on the Zwift app as well). The Zwift app does indicate I am connected on blue tooth though.

First time this happened, I kept spinning and then suddenly it all started working again.

2nd time it happened, I had to end the ride and go and start a new ride and it worked.

This last two times, I rebooted my apple tv, my iPhone (companion device is there) and to be sure, I restarted the elite Suito. After that, it was working well again.

Anyone having these issues? Maybe some software bug?