Elite Suito 'No Signal' issue - mid ride


Recently bought an Elite Suito and began a training plan.

The suito has a built in cadence sensor etc (inferred) and so zwift take all readings from the trainer. Ran through the first 3 with no problems (circa 2 hrs ride time). All of which was with a Huawei Mediapad runing Zwift App on Android OS.

Attempted the 4th session the other day and experienced issues with the app when trying to ride… Giving ‘No Signal’ status. Swapped to my Huawei matebook 13 and achieved a signal so began ride.

Half way through the session the signal would drop out giving me 0 (zero) Watts and cadence etc. Went into ‘pair’ and came up ‘signal okay’ , go back to ride and continually happens.

Restarted the app, skipped through to the point where I was in the training session and then commenced again. 20 minutes on and the same happened again. The feedback on the ride screen suggests also the ERG was constantly being ‘disabled’ and ‘enabled’.

There appears to be some issue with the communications with the app. I can see and hold communications with the trainer outside of Zwift but it it appears to be very unstable when holding the app.

Recently did an update on the app.

Anyone experiencing the same issues or know of a way of fixing or at least working around.

@zwift tech support is there anything that can be done?


Same issue here - did you find a fix for it?
Using elite suits paired with Zwift app on iPhone 7 and also paired with Apple TV box…