Zwift Game Update: August 26, 2019 (PC/Mac)

Hey Zwifters, today we’ve released a small update for PC/Mac only, which includes some major and some minor changes, most of which could be considered “behind the scenes”.

The most noticeable change you may see is that we’ve updated our avatars to include a few different head types. These new heads will let you have slightly greater control over the look of your avatar, and will also give us the ability to animate faces in future updates (like yelling when crossing a finish line, or blinking, for example). We’ve also made some changes to our underlying network code (boring, but important!), and have improved our new user “first ride” experience to explain the basics of Zwift to new Zwifters better than before.

All of these changes will make their way to all the other platforms in the next week or two, along with our next major update. NOTE: some Android Zwifters may also receive the new changes now rather than later.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift


Wann gibt es eine Deutsche Version


I wonder if you guys also think about a solution when you end your ride, make your upload to f.e Strava and Zwift quit the application.

It would be nice if you had the opportunity to go back to the start screen and do another ride. Now I have to restart the application and (for PC) does it take a time to startup.

I hope you have a solution for this in the future.

Kind regards,



While I didn’t see any notable differences to the game, the update left me outside of my group ride for 10 minutes.

Not being grumpy, but is there anyway you can give us more notice as to when an update is coming, so we can try and get into the game early.

Thanks for the good work.


Hello Jon,

Thanks for the update. Would Zwift also consider to add recumbent bicycle types? At least one.




Lolz at screaming whilst crossing the line

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Hey Jon, thanks to you and the team for your work. Zwift made my past winter’s training amazing and took me to a new level of fitness. With the head updates, does one now have the option to choose natural balding hairline? (I know it’s under the helmet but so is most every other hairstyle :wink:)


I don’t know if anyone has ever asked.

Are you working to develop/could you add a feature that shows how many trips up the alpe we have completed towards the 25 trips badge?

It seems like you could add it to the home screen like the counter for the Zwift academy or where we saw the blocks the checked off during the tour de Zwift ana tour of watopia.

I think it would be very handy

See, I put in a support ticket for male pattern baldness last year some time. Paraphrased The Princess Bride (mostly bald, just not completely bald):crazy_face: and everything. They supposedly put it forward. I’ve had to hide my head under caps ever since. Now we have braids, baby dreds and something I’m not sure of. Sigh. :slightly_smiling_face:

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ha ha, yea in the running avatar options they have a shaved head option that I use. A good compromise I think. Personally I think a good investment would be the “Bad toupee” option that would flap in the wind when you run.

Ha! I also put one in last year, Paul. :older_man:t2:

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At times, there is a notice in the Companion app that there is an update.

Might we have that ON for all updates?

Also, many times the updates hangs and I have to force close and go to the Zwift program folder (PC) and run zwiftlauncher as admin for it not to hang and update.


Cheers Jon,
I like the extra skin tones.
Zwifters have been asking for that.

“Ride On”

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Thanks for the information, Jon!

Since you mentioned avatars, I would like to suggest the option for different hair colors and more hair styles.
I bring this up because 1. Customization is satisfying and 2. It’s easier to tell riders apart when they look more unique

Overall you guys are doing great! Thank you for making Zwift a reality!

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I agree. It would be great when you end a ride you can go back to the homepage to at least see your progress, weekly goals, upcoming rides vs quitting the whole system. Keep us in the app, not out of it! :slight_smile:

How about more useful stuff like being able to work out how long a race really is.,…

F@@@@@ing ell

My avatar

Really matters



What a waste

Hello from New Zealand

I am on Zwift but the time I have is three hours earlier than my local (current) time.

How can I change this please?

I have been on Zwift for three months and I am really enjoying this J

Kind regards


I was thinking the same thing.

Hi John,

I’ve a big problem with this update. It’s impossible for me to start a workout. If I clik on “Training” in the main screen, the program crash instantly. Impossible to do some workout …

Kind regards from Belgium :wink:

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